State v. Drown, 245 OrApp 447 (2011)

Holding:   There was insufficient evidence presented, as to the dental problems of some of the children, that the pain from lack of dental care rose to the level of criminal mistreatment.

1)  “To resolve (a) question of statutory intent, we first turn to the text” of the relevant statute. citing State v. Gaines and PGE v. Bureau of Labor and Industries. at p. 462.

2)   In the absence of a statutory definition, words of common usage are given their “plain, natural, and ordinary meaning.” at p. 462.

3)   In this context, “necessary and adequate” means failure “to provide for a dependent’s most basic needs * * * for safety and survival.” at p. 462.

4)   The words chosen by a bill’s sponsor, and, explained during committee debate, can be parsed to reveal legislative intent. at p. 463.

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