(Picture and info are over a decade old — the monthly updates proved way too much work — but I get better at this research every day)

1)    Brief biography and summary of services (below);

2)    Post-secondary education and relevant resume (above);

3)    Cases citing and/or discussing State v. Gaines (2009) (right).


Greg Wasson At Oregon State Capitol Building

* Almost three (3) decades drafting legal arguments, both trial memoranda and briefs;

* Twenty-five (25) years researching statutes and drafting histories;

* Fifteen (15) years as a legislative reporter;

* Ten (10) years as an active attorney;

* BS, Journalism/Political Science; JD, University of Oregon;

*   Editor, Oregon Daily Emerald.


  Within walking distance of the state archives, the state law library and Willamette University.