Ericsson v. DCLD, 251 OrApp 610 (2012)

Holding:    DCLD did not err in denying landowners in rural Washington County right to “home sites” under Ballot 47.

1)   Courts discern the meaning of statutory phrases “from the text, context, and useful legislative history of the provision.” citing State v. Gaines & PGE v. BOLI. at p. 621.

2)   Where the statute is the result of a referral, the legislative history is the “record of its popular adoption, including the ballot title and explanatory statement in the voters’ pamphlet.” at p. 621.

3)   If there is no statutory definition, Courts give common words their ordinary meaning and consult contemporary dictionaries to divine what is ordinary. at p. 621.

4)   Each part of a statute is construed with an eye toward other parts “in an attempt to produce a harmonious whole.” at p. 624.

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